Tis the season - Merry Christmas

"Christmas is the only holiday that is a season." This said to me by my pastor the Sunday before Christmas. It got me thinking. This truly is the only holiday that is not celebrated over a day or so. We give to this holiday a season. For most, Christmas starts on the night of or the day after thanksgiving. Most shoppers find black friday the day to start shopping. Christmas music is playing everywhere you go, decorations are in the store fronts and you kids start writing their Christmas letters to Santa.

After listening to this hour long sermon about the "holiday season" and the need for "joy" it was kind of stuck in my mind. We celebrate Christmas as a 30 + holiday, being a little kinder and a little friendlier each day as we grow closer to The 25th. We should always take a step back from the commercial part of this holiday and remember this:

Christmas isn't or shouldn't be the time to want and receive. It should be a time of joy and giving. While we celebrate we should be thinking of the meaning of this holiday. The celebration of a birth. The joy and excitement of Jesus. While it is great to get a ton of presents and beautiful cards, we should remember what started this holiday to begin with. You may not believe that this is the day, the birth of Jesus but it is the worlds designated time to celebrate Him in all his glory.

Take a moment to look at your full (or empty tree depending on what time your children awoke this morning) tree, what feeling do you have? Is it one of, its over time to clean up... or one of joy because of the smiles and laughter.

I set out on writing this great and all knowing post of what Christmas is really about. But truly the only thing i can share with you today is that i am smiling. I am happy to see the amount of joy in my childrens eyes. The laughter from getting a ribbon stuck to their sleeve(happens ever year). I am simply filled with joy. Something i most defiantly prayed for this past week.

Christmas this year is about being happy. Counting your blessing and saying thank you. Praising the Lord. Understanding that everything might not mean you have it all but that everything you have is all you need.

Remember these few scriptures over the next few days. As the hustle and bustle calms to a low roar and the holiday season comes close to an end.

Psalms 149:4
1 Timothy 4:12
Psalms 9:2
John 15:17

Merry Christmas from my family to all of yours
Mom of For The Love Of 4

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