The never ending day of mommy of 4

So i found myself ready to go today. Wanting to catch up on all that i missed and get my house back into order after being ill for over a week. I know that i am one lucky lady with the type of hubs that i have. He kept up on things after working long days, kept the kids active and took care of me. I know there wont be much for me to catch up on except for the regular stuff.

Today i need to do five loads of laundry : wash fold and put them away, clean the kitchen, living room and straighten the children's rooms. I will be doing a lesson with the children, music time and reading. That only leaves getting dinner ready and preparing lunch for everyone. In between all of that i will be starting on my New Testament in 30 days challenge (look for the post and button to come with it), and finishing my Christmas cards. This year i am keeping them simply so making them wont take up to much time. With all of this i will be taking my oldest to soccer practice and getting ready for date night tonight.

I found myself looking forward to this challenge of getting my to-do list done today. This maybe a overload to some but simply a day in the life for me. I think on days like this when i am so full of energy i have lost half of my mind. Why? Well i wouldn't want to be living any other way. I have been blessed and i am so thankful for it.

So tell me about a day in your life. Share what a fantastic mother and wife you are !


  1. I, too, look at my never ending TO-DO list as a challenge...some days I face that challenge; and some days I ignore it. But usually my days include multiple loads of laundry-and btw, how in the world is my laundry reproducing so quickly! I am constantly sweeping and vaccuuming- the 2 year old reaks havoc everywhere. And putting things away...I am the only one in my house that seems to understand the concept of "everything in its place". It's kind of a pet-peeve of mine. I too have 4 kiddos...and sometimes it seems as if they are leaving things around the house just to see if it will truly drive mommy to the breaking point! Gotta love the little stinkers!!

  2. Wow. That's a handful. I don't think I could do even half of that in a day