My New Years Resolutions

This 2011 I dont have any. I always seem to make them and never follow through. This year i have goals. I have things i would love to do and things that i want to complete. I know that life happens and i dont want to put a limit on my goals for one year. I know there are a few things that i can get done in a few days or weeks like my school room repainting the outside of the house and redoing my laundry room. Then there are those goals that i have that i have no clue when i will accomplish them. Like learning more of my faith and memorizing scripture. To starting up a business and even finishing school .

For those of you sticking to your New Years Resolutions, i hope that you take major leaps in completing each one of them!! So with that i am off to eat my homemade tamales and drink my apple cider while enjoying my family. I hope you all have a special one and know that i am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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