Im Back and In Full Swing

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Sorry readers i have been Missing In Action. I fell ill this past week. I got sick on Thursday of last week and it went all the way through Monday. I just wanted to make a little note to you all about why i haven't been on and why i haven't posted the weekly blog hop. I wanted to say thank you to Marcie over @ Obviously Marvelous for all the support and work she put in on the blog hop these last two weeks.

I will be posting the links to the blog hops for the respected day they were supposed to be posted so that you can look over the great blogs that joined. Thank you for supporting for the love of 4 while i have been away!!!


  1. Sorry you were sick! All better now? We've had the crud around here too. I'm just glad it came before Christmas!

  2. yes better thank you. I agree with you ... being sick on Christmas would make me sad ... happy to hear you household is feeling well.

  3. Thank YOU for always working on our blog hop when I am in hectic Marcie mode xxoo

  4. Hope you're feeling better!

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