Housewife ... 50's style - what will i be doing

The 50's Housewife Experiment

I spoke about this a few days ago and have been thinking about it for a while now. I have always wished to be back in the 50's, living the lifestyle of a true housewife. Not one from what ever popular tv show is out but a true blue housewife. The one that is up cheerful hours before her family fully dressed and cooking away. The one who kisses her husband goodbye at the door waving till his car is no longer in site and when he returns has a clean home, hot food and a smile for him. Why you ask, simple ... why not. I am always telling people i believe a woman belongs in the home serving her family. Now wait before you jump down my throat... i feel the job of keeping a home is one of the most important right after raising children, so when i use the word serving i mean working hard at something you should take pride in.

My goal from this little experiment for the next 30 days is basically to put my money where my mouth is and take my foot out of it. I want to be that wife/mom i am always talking about. Having that spotless home (a challenge all in its own with four children) and being that chick who is doing something. I so often find my self sitting on a couch because the home is clean "enough". I dont want that.

How it will work:


Even though rockabilly was once my style, it has kind of disappeared out of my closet so i will be doing my best to stick to it. This means being dressed before my hubs awakes and staying kept through the day at the very least. My style will slowly work it self back in to my life.

New age stuff-

The computer and cell phone has become a major part of my life. For this experiment i will be cutting down 90%. Meaning, if i receive an email i will read it but please include your address because i will be writing back to you... yes snail mail. I will only be using my computer for blogging, business (there are a few things that will have to be taken care of while in this experiment) and a few personal things. Facebook will be on limited use for the time of the experiment. Cell phone use will be cute down and used as a house phone (i will have my phone on me at all times for emergency reasons) and i will not pick up while out of the home.


While i will not be changing the menu to a full 50's style menu, i will be making some changes. We will not be dinning out at all during this experiment which will be hard in itself. Lunches will be packed and dinners will be home cooked.

Day to Day life-

My day at the moment is filled with pretty much a lot of laziness. Yes i can admit that. My day will revolve around serving God, keeping my home, training up my children and being a extra special wife. I will spend my time according to those needs using my free time to do a few different hobbies and spend with family. I will be hosting different type of things at my home during this time. Learning to be more hospitable.

Faith and Christianity -

For me this little experiment isnt just to change my look or play a part for a few days. This is a well design time period that will develop habits for myself. One of the habits that i want to have as part of my daily life is my faith. I want to get into the habit of reading my bible and devotional each morning. I want to install this into my children and i would love to become stronger in the knowledge of my faith. These are the true reasons for this experiment.

That is pretty much it. I dont expect my family to comply to any of this because it simply is a challenge for me. My hubs is very supportive in everything i do and i am sure that he will be in this too. I look forward to getting back to what i have always said my routes were. I look forward to seeing if this is something that i can accomplish in this day and age. This is not only a test of determination but a test of willingness. In this coming year of 2011 women can do anything. They can go anywhere. With that understanding i want to take more pride in my task each day one at a time in my home.

Check back and see my results. They should be interesting at the very least.

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