The 50's Housewife Experiment

I am always talking about the type of chick i am and what i believe a womans place is. Its time to words to action. I will be starting a little experiment to see if i can really live up to the true 50's housewife. There have been a few blogger's who have done this in there own way, each fun and great to read. I will be taking my own approach to it and challenging myself in different areas.

My style before marrying my hubs was rockabilly (pinup style) and i had rules for my self when it came to keeping my home. I have found while i still believe in the 50's type morals and beliefs, i have fallen away from it all. This is still in its planning stages and probably and i look forward to the end result of what i come up with.

Its time to put my money where my mouth is !!

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