A study within a study

Yesterday i went to a bible study, not knowing what they were studying or how long it had been going on for. Most of those who attend anything church wise i know from softball so the comfort level i knew wouldn't be an issue. We walk in to a yummy smelling house, a welcome hello and an at home feeling.

Can we say Thanks Giving?!?!?!? Before study began our host had a Thanks Giving spread for us all. We were some of the first people there and were able to talk with our newest friends about many things. Others showed up and it was just like we were old high school friends getting together for dinner.

We all sit and the study beings. I felt a little uneasy because i am one of those people who take notes, read and write every little tidbit down. Believe it or not, i was able to jump in right along with them all. My hubs even felt comfortable to jump in as well. We all didn't feel nor think the same, yet we all respected each other. It was nice to be spoken to and not at. Others looking into each others eyes when speaking and at times when called for smiling, laughing and joking around even during a serious discussion.

I came to learn about more of the bible, as that is so very important to me. I left with just that but as well knowing a few things about each person who attended. I usually feel like i always over speak people or that i talk way to much to begin with. But not this time. I could genuinely feel that they cared to hear what i had to say and enjoyed having an answer or opinion for me and in turn felt the same when i said something to what they had spoken about.

It seems with each meeting with these new people who have been placed in my life that i belong more and more. I know i can be a little much at times but they seem to handle that very well.


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  1. I like going for such meetings where I can be myself. It feels really refreshing.