My ABC's of Thanksgiving

Family arrived safe and it was time to put the kids down to sleep. We had a little lesson on what Thanksgiving is all about and why we celebrate it. We talked about how to be thankful and why we should be. We read My Thanksgiving Prayer ( a really cute book) and sent the kids of to bed. It gave me a really different outlook on what to be thankful for this year. These are my ABC's of Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoying all that you have been blessed with.

ABC's of Thanksgiving:

A- Apple pies, homemade and warm with yummy ice cream on top. The sent it brings to the house and the warmth of cuddling with my hubs as we watch a movie. The smile he has on his face when he walks in from work and smells it.

B- Biscuits with lots of butter. They make a meal complete and truly are the simplest thing to make for Thanksgiving.

C- Creativity behind all the planning it takes to pull off a stress free Thanksgiving. With my family and the inlaws, having a creative plan always makes things smooth.

D- Delicious smells through out my home due to all the yummy mouth watering things i prepared for my family.

E- Excitement. My kids think that Thanksgiving is like another Christmas and count down the days till we get to have turkey day. The know that Grandpa Fernando's birthday is two days after so they are excited to celebrate all about being thankful about him.

F- Family. Everything they bring to the table and the blessings of being around them on such a faith filled day. And of course football. My cowboys play on Thanksgiving so it makes it more enjoyable.

G- Green Bean casserole. While it is very simple to make we seem to only eat it on Thanksgiving. So i am thankful for this day if only to eat my Green Bean casserole.

H- Hugs. I seem to get a million hugs on this day. Why i couldnt tell you but i enjoy each one and the warmth they bring to my heart.

I- Importance. The importance to remember the true meaning of this day and to remember it is not about food but to be thankful for where it came from.

J- Jello. Besides birthdays its the only day i make jello. Even then i think i have only made it twice. So the kids love when i do make it.

K- Kindness. it seems as thought others take more time to be kinder to people on Thanksgiving or the Holiday season all together. Kindness is what makes a person. Without it you can lose yourself.

L- Leftovers. Yes i cook Thanksgiving dinner just for the leftovers. Dont you ??

M- Memories. I met my hubs family on Thanksgiving 8 years ago. I couldnt feel more apart of a family as i do with this one.

N- Naps. Everyone tends to sleep after eating turkey.We in our house call it turkeyites.

O- Ovens. not having enough and wishing i had more. But thankful that the one i have works.

P- Pumpkin pies. They are simply yummy.

Q- Quaker oat meal. Because it is one of the only breakfast that you cant add turkey to.

R- Rest. being able to rest after it is all said and done with. Because after cooking for 7+ hours i am ready for it.

S- Supper. sitting at a table with my family saying grace and knowing we will have yummy food is something to look forward to.

T- Turkey.Besides Christmas,Thanksgiving is the only day i cook turkey and it really is yummy.

U- Up side down pineapple cake. Its yummy and i am still holding out hope that i might get some this year.

V- Values. Being able to install the values that we want our children to learn.

W- Winter. That is what comes after Thanksgiving and i am a fan of the cold.

X- i have nothing for x. All of my x really start with E's . Excitement and encouragement are just two to name.

Y- Youth.The youth of what my children bring to the celebration of Thanksgiving. The say thanks for everything under the sun including their socks.


Z- Zippers and Buttons. They make more room for more when properly used.


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