A Moment Worth Praying About

At church last Sunday Pastor David was giving a great teaching. During the teachings i take notes so when i want to look back or study what was just taught to me i can. Towards the end of this teaching Pastor David turn to me walked over and took my hand. He spoke to me, talked about how he felt God speak to him to welcome me and so much more that i will leave personal to me.

Now i am left with this question, a question that many people are asking me. How do i feel about his words to me?? I have been praying on this in a way because really i have no answer. I feel that i have found my home church, that this is were i belong and that i will take so much from. In such a short time so many of the people that attend have become something like family. I see most of them a few times a week and they truly play a big part in where my life is going. Yet i don't have an answer really for any of them.

Being apart of a family based church is something so different. I feel like i was blessed to have met some of them playing softball because i feel i just belong without having to work for it. Hearing someone ( who from what i get has never done this before ) feels the need to welcome you and share what God has spoken to him about. At the moment it was nice... welcoming ... Now though hearing what others have to say about it, continuous conversations with my Pastor and the feeling i get each time i sit and talk with God myself leaves me a little, well in aw.

To know that someone felt that strong to want to welcome me into their church, their heart and in front of so many is absolutely a blessing for me.

Just a little something to share with you all that has happened on my journey.
Happy Weds. Enjoy meeting new people and reading new blogs.

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