Joovy Review

Joovy is one of the leading stoller companies around. With durable, sturdy constructive stroller that are beyond comfortable for children to ride in, Joovy is the choice to go with.

Caboose Ultralight
I thought this would be a perfect fit for my family of four little ones.
After speaking with a Joovy rep. i was able to get all
the information i needed to know that this is for me.
With a new 3 postion recline and large bottom storage basket
with pockets, the Caboose Ultralight was my first pick.
The caboose Ultralight offers a five point harness
for you front rider, which you can also sit a baby seat.
The tray is removable and carseat adaptable.
Whatever the age comfortable seating will not be an issue!!

Easy to get to and from where ever you need it. Easy to fold
and store in the back of your car.
I found the two finger closer and one hand opening a
pleasure when trying to keep an eye on my children!!

My family is super excited about this stroller and is
beyond happy about the ease it has brought us when
we have our family outings. We took this to
church and let me tell you it made being there a
little more simply. My son was a little fussy and
was able to nap right there with me with
out interrupting the sermon.

Buy It

You can get the Caboose Ultralight
and other products at Joovy.

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