..its beginning to look a lot like Chrismas

Yesterday was a stormy windy day here in Vegas. As i woke up to get ready to intentionally plan, i could not see a thing besides clouds out of my window. I knew to bundle up but never thought i would still be so cold. That is when you know what type of winter it will be. Heading out the door i noticed a beautiful rainbow over our mountains that seem to continuously grow as the morning progressed.

( outside of denny's as the ski cleared for a few
moments i caught the rainbow on my phone)

Looking at this beautiful creation of God it just started off my day wonderfully even with the cold. I step out side to go home and it snowed right on top of me. Nothing big but enough to let me know Christmas is right around the corner. We headed to church and had a wonderful teaching about LOVE. What my pastor had to say was something that has never crossed my mind but will be there from this day forward. Its not an emotion it is an action that we have total control over giving to everyone.

Today i pulled together my Christmas decor (well some of it) and i am pulling out my holiday planner and getting on top of that. All i know is i want my tree up and i want to be listening to Frosty the Snowman. My presents are wrapped, my menu is planned, cookies are waiting to be baked and the family is looking forward to hanging our stockings. A Christmas in our first home as a family is something we have looked forward to. We also look forward to heading to the mountains in the next few weeks to play in the snow. Its wonderful having it 20 mins away from our home.

So to you all im wishing you a happy holiday season and would love to her what your doing for your holiday season. Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.


  1. What a sweet blessing God gave you. The reminder of His presence through that rainbow. How awesome. This time of year things are so busy but we have to remember to keep our focus on God.

  2. Yes Jennifer, His reminders are so wonderful and now so frequent. I do so agree with you, keeping focus can be hard and i am trying hard to do so