Education- and its frustrations

In California i was in school to become a teacher and taught preschool for a little while. Coming to Vegas there really isnt a need ( in the Gov. eyes) for preschool so i no longer teach outside of my home. I am a big believer in Home school. Being married though is a compromise in every way and how we parent is not any different. My hubs is a big believe in the public school system. Honestly i was okay with that because i knew i would be an involved parent. Now we come full circle to present day and my frustrations as they are now.

April had been home schooled for three years before starting public school. She went into kinder about a year ahead with the exception of reading. In Kinder we had an exceptional teacher who taught April a tremendous amount of things. Leaving kinder April was just below a 2nd grade level. I did not get the teacher i wanted but decided that i would give this teacher a go and continue to help in the school.

Well three months in the school year and i am ready to pull her out. I am not sure why a student who comes into a class and is ahead of what you are teaching can fall behind. Simply because that student is not being challenged. April is a straight A student but in 16 days she dropped 10 % in her grades. The teacher had to answer for this. Only that some assignments were worth more then others have been. April has not missed an assignment nor has she got anything less then basically a perfect score on them.

With this frustration and seeing her homework packets dwindle in size as the weeks go on i came to a boiling point. The hubs is supper supportive and was behind me 100% yet i need to talk to someone who knows what i am feeling. I was talked down to a reasonable state of mind and came to the conclusion i cant pull April out because she will shut down. I can admit i have been lazy when it comes to doing school work and adding my own lesson plan to what she is given at school. But at the same point i dont feel i should have to teach at home if she is at school 7 hours out of her day.

So i spoke with the teacher this morning and let her know simply that i appreciate how hard her job is and i love the children in her class very much( i worked with half of them for over a year) but that i am an advocate for Aprils education and it the way its going now and what she is given for homework is not suitable. I asked for a copy of a few things that i found out last night i could get and i am hoping this will change things.

I am still stuck in a place where i dont want to work with this teacher and that i want April to have a chance to move somewhere else within the school ....

Frustration can do a lot of things to you ... but i am learning that with prayer a clearer mind can be put in front of you.


  1. Oh my! I am going through almost the same thing. My son was headed for the gifted program and now since going into the second grade with this particular teacher I'm told he's no where near it. I have found that his scores are still high but that he's bored and not being challenged. When I discussed this with the teacher I got excuses about other student behaviors taking away from instructional time. I personally don't believe this teacher is equipped to handle the struggle seven and eight year olds can bring. But, I'm praying something gives soon because i can't allow this to hinder my son much longer. Hang in there!

  2. ask for a copy of the 2nd grade scope and sequence .. that might be helpful this is what i was suggested to do