Christmas Shopping Guide - 2010

Are you a last minute shopper? Have you been Planning all
year round? Either way i have some wonderful ideas and
products that i think your family will love.

This year we are keeping Christmas simple. With four
children, 10 different toys each add up. Not to mention the room
they would all take up. So my hubs and myself committed to only 5 gifts each.
Let me tell you that wasn't easy. Finding and buying these 5 gifts was not a simply task,
which is why i wanted to share with you some of the ideas
we came across and some of the products that i think
every family should have.

This list will include 10 products and/or ideas for gifts. Enjoy and
write to let me know if you have chosen any of them.

#1 Pillow Pets -Great for story time and sleep overs

#2 Brodie and The Yeti story books -
fun story time for the whole family
with adventurous plots.

#3 Ginger Bread house-
Found at any store during the holiday season can
be a fun gift for the family to do together.

#4 Movie Tickets-
Costco sells two packs for $15 which makes for a
great discount to your local theater.

#5 Your Baby Can Read-
Your child thinks its just a fun DVD but they
are learning each time they watch it.

#6 Veggietales Meaningful Life-
A great story for the whole family to watch together.

#7 Snuggie For Two -
Cuddle up together when the kids go to
bed to have an at home date night.

#8 Netflix -
Give the gifts of movies at home.

#9 Holiday Meal-
May have to plan this ahead of time, But plan
to take your family out to eat. An occasion to get
all dolled up for the holiday.

#10 Board Games-
Give the gift of a family night each week.
Give a game or two for a family to enjoy.

** All opinions are just that and have not been
affected by any compensation. All Products and ideas
were of my choosing and have been done will be used or used by my family

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