POG'S - a wonderful endless childhood memory

so for months now i have been telling anyone who would listen about this game that i loved when i was a kid. how cool it was and that i want to bring it back. i remember being that kid that would walk around every with them and be ready to slam you out of your pogs. i had a lot of different slammers and around 300 pogs. most of which i won from others. then one day they were gone. it wasnt talked about anymore and i didnt think about them till recently. all because someone was talking about the best kid game, and of course i thought it was pogs.

fast forward to today, when i went to the store with my dad to get a few things to organize my childrens toys. there they were, hundreds of them. i turned into a ten year old jumping up and down and yelling I FOUND THEM I FOUND THEM. people looked at me like i lost my mind and my father was laughing at me. he remembered the craze it caused when my brother and i were children. so i called my husband as i am in line, saying i am buying ten packs and come friday i am going back for 20 more. he just laughed at me and said ok baby.

how old am i? 26 ... hiow many pogs do i own ... soon hundreds :) my goal is to bring it back into style make it popular. what great clean fun for kids....

want to learn about them read here and see pictures.

other post about blog, great link read here

official website no longer works and i am looking for a way to contact the company ... we shall see what i can accomplish


  1. i remember those but i dont think i ever really played them my thing was "CRAZY BONES" Oh wow how many of those I had and we saved ours but one day the whole collection was gone i think my dad sent it to Colombia Damn it! I mean they probably needed it more than I did but still DAMN!

  2. i know how you feel i had like 4 or 5 containers of pogs and one day they were puff. all i know is it was fun.

  3. i never really got how to play those, my husband goes into the walmart sees the Yugioh cards and goes bananas lol when i met him i didnt know this but as i got to dating him one day i discover a closet full of container after container of yugioh cards what a dork lol reminds me of a mixture of my Little bro and y dad ... what did i get myself into lol J/k hope you enjoy teaching the kids how to play that... one thing i hope i dont do is get my son video games! ugh i prefer board games [LO prefers to eat the board game pieces lol]

  4. i have heard of them, but i never played them... glad you found them

  5. I really don't remember them, but I am so happy that you are happy :)
    I understand the obsession thing though- I have a cabinet filled with Pokemon cards that we no longer play but my husband won't part with :)