one of those moments - one that make you smile

So after helping out in my daughters school, i had to go to the store and pick up what has become my regular 3 times a week run.... Milk. I go about my shopping gathering what i need and of course a few things that i don't {{ a book, some sweets and a soda }} and head out to the car. As i am walking out there is this older man with his table giving paper flowers for a donation, a veteran.

But this time he was not sitting in his usually seat smiling as i come out with a few dollars to donate. He is in a full conversation with another man {{both in there late 80's at least}} going on about things in they're life's. I over hear some of what they are saying as i pass to go to the car and what they have to say is what brought on my smile. They were talking about when they were born (1938) and how things have changed.What they are looking forward to and what they have accomplished.I have to say that it took me longer to load the car then usual but i couldn't stop listening.

The fact that they are looking forward to so much is what amazes me and teaches me to never stop looking forward to things. I may get one year older each year, but with each year a little more wisdom is added to what i should look forward to. Simply a lovely moment to add to my morning!


  1. i love listening to older people, it amazes me their outlook on life :)

  2. What a great lesson for all of us to follow. Never wish time away and always look forward to tomorrow. :)