Left Behind - the book series

This is not so much a review, its more of a realization. I know i know i have been saying that a lot. Yet it is true, i have had a lot of them lately and i am sure that i will have more very soon. Ok so back to the reason for this post.

So i am a Christian !! Sometimes i may not act like it or say it out loud but i am. It was brought to my attention that a lot of the books i read are kind of like female porn. While men watch videos and fantasize about those women, women read about romances and fantasy men that are hard for our husbands to measure up to. So i am trying to switch the type of books i read to something less distracting from what i am trying to build and closer to reality. Now by no means am i saying that those types of books are bad, because i am sure if i am in need of a good romance story i wont hesitate to read one. This is more of a goal for me to see if i can accomplish a small change.

So i have started to read Christian fiction. Interesting to say the least. The series i am reading right now is called The Left Behind Series. Its about Christ second coming and the Rapture of the church. Let me tell you ... this series has me rethinking how i look at my faith. How silly i have been to hide my feelings, question something to fit in and to let others over ride my feelings to simply keep things normal (for lack of a better word).

I am enjoying my new found respect and need of learning in my faith. I feel a little silly that it took a book to do it for me. But there will be no hiding behind the cool thing to do and there will be no doubt nor quietness. I am a Christian, i am looking forward to going home to my father and i will continually try to better my self. Does this mean i am better then a non believer... NO ... Does it mean that i will have a better life... NO... but i now do have an understanding.

So with this comes my goals...

i would like to cut out unnecessary bad language... not only for a leadership role in front of my children but as well is i dont think my hubs finds it sexy me talking like a truck driver.

yelling ... i yell a lot and for no reason sometimes. so my goal is to cute that out all together as well.

so there is my realization !!!! and as McD's would say ... IM LOVIN' IT

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