im still young but oh so old

i may only be 26 and in the beginning of my life, but let me tell you that i am oh so old. so not only did i in a earlier post talk about a almost 20 year old game that i loved playing but im in bed in pain. I joined a church softball team because i use to play in highschool and thought it would be great exercise. well first practice/tryout comes about and i am being praised left and right for how good of an arm i have and how well i can hit. with the way they are talking i figure its a shoe in that i will be playing.so now comes the second practice where i couldnt run, you may want to know 20 mins into practice my new cleats tore up the back of my feet. so i am practicing for almost 3 hours in socks. i didnt do to bad but i didnt run much because i didnt feel like eating dirt.

now fast forward to the game last night. a double header and 2 hours long. my new new cleats are fitting great and i have taped padding over the cuts. i go out to center right and im getting the ball for the most part and throwing it in to my cut off. not bad im doing ok. then i get in filled and i swing, hit and get caught out. this happens for a few innings. then my hubs showed up second game to support me. and i changed bats and boom i crack it. a 3 base hit, would have went in for a home run but soft pitch you cant steal or slide. i would have had to slide to make it in. next batter hits im off running hit home base and the other person was out so now to the out field we go. and i feel it .....im old!

i felt like my body was going to fall apart. since i didnt have to run in practice i forgot how much it takes to sprint. i run after my children all day everyday but let me tell you .... this hurt. i push through and play the remainder of the game which has left me in my bed typing to you. i am lucky April has no school today because i dont think i could get up to take her. even though i am in pain i am smiling because that was so much fun !!!

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  1. Hopped over from “Fabulous Friday Follow!” Hope you feel better soon. As a Nana that chases a 4 yr old all day.. I sympathize! Yesterday we had a talk and he thinks 4 is old.. I looked at my hubby and said we must be ancient!!

    Nana (Patty) Poppins