im home - what an experience

I have to first say a big thank you to
The ABC Kids Expo!!! Of course a big thank you to Obviously MARvelous for doing this with me. The most important thank you goes to all the wonderful companies that i met with. I am thinking about going back Wednesday to meet with a few more.

So let me tell you about the experience now that i am home and enjoying my family and football highlights. So i walk in and i register, and i cant help but peek in to the massive show room and i get excited. Once done registering we walk up to the Media Room to look over the companies who have set something up for media like myself to grab information. There were many samples and new products that i cant wait to tell you about. We took a trip to the car and dropped off all the wonderful information we got so it would be easier to get through the 1,000,000 sq ft expo.

We walk in to an amazement of interesting new and creative products. I really didnt know where to start. The goal of my blog is more of a personal one. Yet i have a need to bring to anyone that i can truthful and useful reviews. Seeing these companies and what they had to offer cemented that i would do reviews. I hit most of my appointments and some of my blogging buddy's too. There were many companies that i couldnt walk past and some that i am so sad that i didnt get to stop at.

Everyone was so kind and eager to learn about my blog and what it meant to me. 6pm came so fast that i was sad to have to leave. Tonight i plan to read through all the information, answer and send emails and also right a review of the expo it self. I am sure that this will be a topic for a while and there will be a lot of information to share with you guys. Dont forget .... There will be lots of reviews, reviews and giveaways and links to giveaways going on now such as Joovy giveaway on Facebook going on now. Jump over and enter.

So i am going to give my kiddos millions of kisses and hugs as i put them to bed today. I miss them so much!!! Then i will be grabbing my blanket, a warm cup of tea and all the PR info to go through to bring you all the information that i can, so tomorrow look out for the information post's. In the coming week or so i will have a list of Product reviews that i will be doing.

two moms bringing you all the information!!

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