Halloween - But for real this time

So i have been celebrating Halloween for as long as i could remember. It is my favorite holiday. So having children and knowing that i get to pass my love of the fun side of Halloween on made it even more exciting. For the past 6 years i have been picking out or having the finial word in the costumes kids would ware. This year i let the kids pick them
( last year really because we shopped for them last year) so that it would be their fun ideas.

Well i was not going to put April's costume on for school for many reasons and so i had a back up plan. I bought the little $5 pack of cat ears with matching tail last year for 75% off. I figured come closer to Halloween i would get her a special shirt and do her hair all wild. Add the ears and its a semi costume.

So come this morning, Halloween party day at school and its time to get her ready. She says to me, " mom i so do not want a silly hair do". I think to myself when did she start talking like a valley girl. She continues by saying," can we just do something fun?" I don't know what she thought i had planned. I know i wanted to spray paint her hair different colors but i was not sure how easy it was to wash out. so we stuck with a regular high bun and the ears. At the end she loved how it looked and was happy she didn't look "silly".

Halloween is so real to me now. Its not about the free candy and time with my friends. Its about watching my children smile as they get dressed up as either their favorite character or silly idea of some sort. Its so cool to see their imagination at work to the fullest and know that they will have a blast.

I have to say i look at Halloween different now and i cant wait to watch them trick or treat. They all can walk and they all will be dressed up. I simply am looking forward to this Halloween and years to come.

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