Friendship without conditions

I have to say that meeting new people may not always be fun but it is always needed. I have been blessed to have so many people enter my life that have so much guidance. I have a tendency to either share to much or not enough with people, leaving them ify on wanting a friendship. So being able to talk openly with others and not have to worry about judgment is awesome.

Of course we had our games and they were super fun. Right before and during the first game i got to speak with one of the chicks on my team. She wanted to know a little about me and asked me a few questions. She had no judgment just encouragement. She took the good of me with the bad of me and helped me to see that i might be leaning more to the better side of me then i think. I look forward to getting to know her better.

But wait it doesn't end there ... i know me finding more then one person i like in one month....

We all went out to eat and enjoyed each others company. I wanted to share with a new friend of mine that i found my desks because she was so sweet to offer me hers ( i have been on a treasure hunt for awhile) and so they asked if i home schooled. I shared with them, they shared with me and it left me with a few questions. It was comforting to hear what they had to say. That they had some of the same concerns that i have. That they had a few answers and solutions to my issue. I am not sure if i will be sticking with public school, if i will be full time homeschooling or if i will try the private school route. But hearing from all three spectrum's opened my eyes more.

I have a few things to talk about with the hubs. I have a lot to pray about and i have a lot to think about. Like they had suggested, prayer will answer a lot for me. So i just had to share about the great fellowship that is continuously being sent my way. I prayed for it and its happening ... now it is just a matter of letting it take its course.


  1. Praying that God will lead you in the right direction.


  2. I love answered prayers!

    Coming over from iFellowship! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!