Sunday love - the end of the fun

so i had family and friends over this weekend as i mentioned in another post. it was fun, besides the little disappointment of not enough time and the lack of time spent well, i enjoyed the late night convo. me and my bff stopped at the best chicken place, had some yummy sweet tea and went to the casino for a little bit where i won her money. we ended our night having a great convo into the wee hours of the morning. it was refreshing.

the disappointment you ask.... well time not spent well is the problem. i see and hope for things to go a way that i want it to go. the fact that it doesnt go that way isnt a disappointment, its more just simply sad. i had a plan for saturday. i wanted this family type of weekend that was fun and exciting. instead it was more of a task. but i guess that it is the way that it is and not everything can be the way that i want it.

we all got up and got dressed to go on time and with out argument (that doesnt always happen even when it is just my small little family). after running in and out a few times with the new security system made for a fun adventure. we got to the game with time to spare and once it started, i really didnt pay much attention to any guest because i was focused on my monkey playing. i can tell you though that they were more into texting and phone calls(a few glances to the field) then the game. they took some pictures though an i look forward to looking at them. then there was the picnic, we got to the picnic and already had a small little not so happy moment.we got past that, it was my hubs moment to enjoy his company picnic and to see his friends. it wasnt time for his wife to have a tiffy because things werent going as planed. once inside, it seemed no one really wanted to be there so i could tell my hubs was getting upset that no one wanted to enjoy them self. my father love the feeling of the union togetherness, so he enjoyed it i am sure. it was a nice picnic, great food fun things for the kids and all the people running for office that support the union were there in full. after no one wanted to do much (as soon as we finished eating) my hubs and i just suggested that we should go so we did. everyone was up for a shopping trip though after wards but it is what it is right?

then fast forward to the fun night i wrote about in the beginning. really i love nights like that. sitting with old friends that are really family and having a memory lane type of talk. it was great and i so look forward to the next time she comes!!!!

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