silly saturday - more like crazy saturday

so today i have a jammed packed day. not only do i have family in town, i also have a soccer game to attend, a union picnic, helping at the school and all my weekend regular stuff. to say the least we will have a blast im sure but i also know there will be break downs and crying fights from all the children.

so here is my run down for the day. im up, yes butt crack early and i will be making blue berry muffins and pancakes for breakfast. after that i will be waking the children if they are not already up and get them started on the dressing part as they finish their breakfast. shower myself and start getting game stuff ready and the baby bag. i will be trying to pack light because the game is 10am and the picnic starts at 11am. we will be 30-45 mins late. after we get home unpack and settle for a moment, i will be taking my sister-in-law to get her nails done, (i cheated and got mine yesterday so i would have more time) and probably get ready for a moms night out ladies night out for the ones with no children). didnt i mention that on my weekend to do list... lol well there you go that is my sat.

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so what do you have to do today ?? i would love to know !!


  1. Good Luck. My one sleep in day and both of my boys are up before the butt crack of dawn too - playing Thomas the choo choo. Why can mommy never sleep:) I just finished packing all of my orders since I got a very early start - this momma is watching some Alabama football today. I hope your Saturday ends up silly:)

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