a moment i am looking forward to having

so today my father went to the casino after not going basically for the whole weekend. he had a football ticket he wanted to see if he had won on it. i thought i would stop by and check on him see if he was having fun. he gave me $20 to see if i had any luck that day (i didnt) and to also hang with him a little longer. it got close to almost an hour that i was there and i realized i had to get going to start on dinner. so i said i would see him soon and he continued to play a little. i went to pick my car up got in and started to drive away.

thats when i seen them. this older couple saying their goodbyes. he got out opened her door for her and gave her a little kiss. he followed that with a soft touch to her cheek and you could see he was saying i love you. they must have been in their late 80. being 26, married for 8 years and knowing that hes truly the one,i look forward to this and i cant wait for it. i want to be that couple and i know the hubs does to.

so that is the moment that i am waiting for and years in between.

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