Meeting Margaret Cho - thanks to Mar

thanks to Mar and her wonderfully big heart i got to meet one of my all time favorite comedians. mar had taken me to a show last month, treated me to see some great comedy. while waiting to get the tickets we noticed that Margaret would be there so we were super excited. we thought at that time that the prices weren't to bad and that it would be fun. Mar explains why she ended up not getting tickets and as for me well with a new house other things came up. afternoon of the show i get a phone call from Mar asking if i would like to go with her. of course i said yes after my million thank yous (she is always doing such nice things for me) and went out looking for a new shirt. so here is our night in a Mar nutshell. follow this link to her blog read her post on team Camel toe...lol and then follower her join her giveaways. she is that awesome


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  1. How wonderful! I love Margaret and her sense of humor. I am visiting from Thirsty Thursday and following you now.