intentionally planning - for the crazy mind of me

so i have been looking into ways to redo my home maintenance/ home planning notebook, and found that the sites that were offering free to frugal (cheap isnt aloud in my vocab) costing printouts just wasnt working for what i wanted to do. then i cam across a youtube video talking about that persons planner/notbook. let me tell you i wasnt a fan of how her notebook was packed but i was over joyed by some of the printouts that she was sharing. so i turned up the volume hoping to hear where she got them from. !!!!!! She shared !!!!!!

i found what i have been looking for and i thought you would like to know about it. its called intentional planning. its new to me but maybe old to you. i got extra excited about it and bought it as fast as i could. at $5 and 247 pages it is organize heaven.

link to the example of the printable pages:

intentional planning printable's

so here is my review on it all :

so out of the 247 pages i would have to say that 200 of them are printable for use. out of those 200 pages i would say i will be using 200 of them in my notebook. i found that the intentional religious part of it will help me with my goal on my walk to getting closer to him. i find that all the cute little pictures/clipart that are apart of this is fun and encouraging to make me want to use them. for $5 bucks i wouldnt be able to get it all together. in the frugal to free way of doing it all, i dont think i could have found enough free sites, free printables and all the time it would take to put it together.

i think this is for everyone and would be helpful in running your home in a more organized manner. enjoy

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