intentional planner - the update

as mentioned early in another one of my post i am using the intentional planner to reorganize my home maintenance notebook, and i wanted to update you all on the status of how its going and how useful the planner really is.

so i purchased the eBook for $5 and got 247 pages. out of those 247 pages i used i want to say around 190 of them. i would say a good 20-25 are info and directions, tips and tricks and the rest that i didnt use are homeschool pages that i wont put to use right now. i found that the pages seemed to be very useful looking and i was looking forward to getting to put them to use. so i called a friend of mine, my accountability partner and shared with her my little find. we met up at Denny's to enjoy some yummy $2 ice cream and hush puppies. let me tell you they beat brownies out any day. did i mention they were made with Oreo's? we sat for a hour or so and put our binders together tab by tab page by page. i was even more excited to get to using it now that i had it all put together.

i got home printed out a few more pages that i must have missed the first round and then intentionally planned my last two days for this week. let em tell you its a lot different but for a christian based mom/woman it is well worth the time to do so. intentional planning has to do with making more time with HIM. including HIM in your day more and more. for me that has always been a challenge. so this will help remind me through out the day. i love that its all in one binder now instead of three. maybe now i will actually use all the things i put so much hard time into.

so to my accountability partner,

thank you for joining me. thank you for holding me accountable. for being my strength in path to get closer to HIM. thank you for being my sister in christ and thank you for letting me see the all in you. you truly are a special person and even in the ups and downs of our day to day life's, you still amaze me.


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