Helpful helpful meets paper cuts

So I have been helping at Aprils school and it's great getting back into the swing of things. I'm helping a few teachers one being Aprils. I think because it's the beginning of the school year they all need papers copied. Can we say owwwww. I got five paper cuts today alone. But it was nice being able to help.

No in just trying to get my schedule up and running and working for me. The kids have been helpful by wearing their listening ears. I'm sure that won't last forever but I'll take it as long as I can.

Having my father here is a great gift. Having his help has meant so much. Looking forward to tomorrow!!


  1. Ouch! Have you ever got a paper cut from one of those manila folders? The worst! Enjoy your father's visit :)

  2. i love having my dad nearby! i have 4 kids too btw, lots of work! :)

    anyway, found ya while blog stalking. am your newest follower, come visit us sometime.

    :)kelli & kristi