fun friday - from a new outlook

today i am looking at my task from a new outlook. i always found house work (my job or not) unhappily unhappy. so i usually try everything under the sun to get away from doing it, to get someone else to do it and to pretend to do it and not. so from here on out i am looking at it like it is all fun task. to do them with a smile on my face and enjoy keeping my home. i mean its my dream right? to be a stay at home mom, a house wife and all. well then i need to get on my game. stop doing things half butt and get on it.

i now have a true blue accountability partner, one that will stick this time. we shall hold each other accountable for the things we should be doing and things we havent done. we will be honest no matter how much we may not want to hear it and we will be a shoulder when needed too. i have already let me partner know what i plan on doing this morning and will connect with her before lunch to account for my task and set up the afternoon ones.

im looking forward to my new out look on my daily task. it only takes a attitude adjustment and a change of perception to get on the right track.

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