friendships - to the stars and forever

the women in my life:
alot of people always ask me in emails and in chats, who am i talking about when i mention my bff. i think it is because i try not to use their names that when i speak of the bff they always sound like a different person. well they all mostly are. i was thinking about it and i felt it would be great for you to meet all my bff's. some of them have blogs and some dont, so i wont be posting pictures but instead blogs if they have one.

so my friends are something so important to me because i dont have many. when i become friends with someone i work at our friendships to make it the most i can. i dont let many people in so this blog was kind of a shoocker to some of them. i will take a few mins to talk about each of them as i see them. this will be done in no order of importance just who ever comes to mind next will go next. they equally mean the world to me.


what can i say. i have known this chick for what seems like forever. i met her in grade school and we became sisters. we live so far away from each other but yet when we talk it is like we are only seconds away. the one thing about her that sticks out in my mind, is that she was my dictionary. i would call her when ever i didnt know how to spell something. and let me tell you ... she could spell every word i ever asked for she was never to busy to help me. she is a wonderful mom to two little ones. she is married and is someone i look up to.


so this chick is some one i cant help but be friends with. she is just like me and at the same time nothing like me. we have different beliefs, ways of doing things and lifestyles(not really). but with all of those differences we are so much alike that it is nice to have a mom who thinks the way i do. she is a mom to three little ones and a wife to her best bud. she rocks my socks and i bet she would rock yours too.

Blog- www.obviously-marvelous.com


this is a lady that i enjoy having in life. she brought me closer to god and taught me many things when it comes to him. she is someone i can talk to with out fear of being judged. she is a mom to two wonderfully smart children and married to her best friend. she simply inspires me.

blog- www.findingjoyinvegas.blogspot.com


this is a lady that has taught me so much in such a short time when it comes to teaching my children. we have built such a wondrous friendship in a small amount of time that i would be so sad if i didnt have it. she is a mom to two wonderful children and wife to her hubs/best friend. she is a wonderful teacher here in vegas, i feel that any of you would be beyond blessed to have your child in her room.


another chick that i have known for what feels like a lifetime. she is so special always wanting to make you smile. so trust worthy and silly. a mother to two little ones, and a best friend to them both. she is a fantastic makeup goddess, that has taught me a trick or two. she would do anything for her family and i am blessed enough to be apart of that family.

blog- www.amomwearingmakeupnow.blogspot.com


this is one of my newest friends. someone i am getting to know. she is sweet and trust worthy, kind and caring. she is someone i can give advice to and in return know that i can get some from her. she is the mother to two super cute boys and a wife to her buddy. i look forward to a lasting friendship with her and getting to know her more and more through the years

now i have many more friends. i even have male best friends, but this is about the women in my life. i could go on forever about those who surround me. but these few people that i have mentioned are those who are apart of my everyday life. the ones who help support me, check up on me, and care for me and my family. i love these people and enjoy them head to toe. there laughter their tears and their silly moments. these are the people who make me .... well me.

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