Follow back friday

with everything that has happened in the past month or so i have not had a moment to sit down and foll0w back the wonderful bloggers that took the time to follow me. so this friday i am going to pamper my self to a cup of yummy coffee and have a few peaceful moments to go through all the comments, follow back everyone who has left a comment for me to follow them back and read a few blog. i look forward to it. i look forward to getting back to the things i enjoyed so much.

when we started this blog hop it was a shared work load between me and the other host. being the wonderful chick that she is Mar from Obviously Marvelous tool over all the happenings of running it while i sorted through all of this mishap. so i wanted to take a moment to say thank you. while i personally speak with her and she knows how much i appreciate all she does i wanted all of you to know. so please if you have stopped by to see me and come across this post stop by her wonderful blog join a giveaway and say hello for me.


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