an eye opener - to infinty and beyond

Loss is something i am not sure how to deal with but that i am left with no choice but to. Recently i loss my nephew. A little boy in love with toy story and cars. He was only 2 1/2 and for a split second it questioned my faith. When i say split second i mean just that. as i questioned how could this be? Why would he take a baby? I answered my own questions. Some times things just happen and they happen for a reason. A plan that i may never know but a plan i am sure is in place by HIM.

The eye opening moment.....
Tues. of last week i get a very sad phone call about my nephew being in a coma. I speed home to break the news to my father and with put thinking break down in front of my children. I had to pull it together and answer the now million questions being thrown at me.

My children, my oldest mostly wanted to know what was going on. My hubs and I made our minds up a long time ago that we would always be honest to them. So i explained what i knew and that it didnt look good. For her to keep him in her prayers and know that God is watching over her. April didnt question me any further after that. She went straight on being a 6 year old kid and i believed what we just talked about didnt affect her in anyway.

That night when we said our prayers goodnight, April starts to pray. "before i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord..." you know how it goes i am sure. But only she said something different that night. "before i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord Klassics soul to keep" Klassic is my nephew. Really reading this you may not know how profound that hit me. Im in tears now typing about it. My 6 year old was more concerned about someones soul then her self. she told me the next morning that if he has to be an angel at least he is with God. That Jesus loves him that much.

How could i have ever question my faith, for even just that little second. When my 6 year old, a child still learning life gets it. It was really an eye opener and a big help in my grieving. I mean i miss him. i really really do. I couldnt have had a better mommy moment then that, then knowing my children truly feel the love of christ. Truly knows that they have a place in Gods kingdom.


  1. Aww. What a big girl. I think (and this may be my own screwed up philosophy) that kids are just out of heaven's starting gate. They've spent less time away from the big picture than we have and still have a firm grasp on the simplicity of life and death; without the muffled jargon of adulthood. That's why babies love unconditionally and kids beleive so freely. It's God shining out of their untainted souls. (just my idea)

    So sorry for your loss. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to the little guy?

    I'll be praying for your entire family.

  2. we still dont know really. he was found not breathing and had no oxygen for what they believe to be an hour. that is where my anger comes in because there are no answers and i am left with my thoughts which werent to kind. something else i am working on.

  3. (((hugs))) I'm so sorry for your loss. Time will heal, you have the memories. He's in a better place.

  4. This is not an easy time for you and your family, but you are so strong and it shows in your children. Continue to let God hold you through this and all of the other storms that we will battle through in this life. He alone is our strength and our shield. He alone sits in judgement and although we don't have the answers He does! No one will pull the wool over His eyes. Love you sweetie. Let yourself grieve and then the memories of that sweet little boy will bring you smiles until you see him again!

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's amazing how our children at times like these (that they don't even understand to the fullest) give us the greatest comfort. My daughter did the same for me when my grandmother passed away. My Mom called me and told me the news and I dropped to my knees bawling - my 3 year old daughter knelt down by my side, gave me a hug and told me that she was in God's hands and that she is happy in heaven. Amazing!


  6. OMG! I am so sorry! Please let you family know that they are in my prayers!

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  7. So sorry to hear about your nephew. Will keep you in our prayers. Funny how kids "get" more than we do at times. Following you from the hop!

  8. Hi, I'm a new follower! :) (I'm also a Christian) :)