so that you know ...

i have been mia and its not because i want to. i enjoy writing and getting the things i want to say out. so i wanted to say that for those of you who i have things to mail out they are coming, my post will be coming more regular, and i will be following my followers and commenting on my friends blogs soon.

between the move (which is way harder then i though) and the fact that my 2 year old nephew is fighting for his life, i am a little well sad...

so thank you for being here for supporting this blog even though at the moment i dont have many fun things going. it means alot so thank you.


  1. I'm a pretty new follower of your blog, and I just found out about this. I will definitely be praying for your nephew. May God answer your prayers.


  2. We'll be here when you get back :) Praying for your nephew and the family. Know that you are all loved and being held in the arms of your Father in heaven right now.

  3. I am now following you.. I think the Thirsty Thursday would make a great photo meme.. challenge everyone to show a drink photo each Thursday.. I know there are a million memes out there but they have a wide following.. oh well it was just an idea.. Also I have added both of your buttons to my blogs.. I have two blogs which can be reached by clicking on my name above.. (pblacksaw)

    I will be remembering your nephew and family in my prayers.. have a good day67!

  4. Linked up, following, would love to have you stop by TT if you have a chance today : )