since i was a yee babe

when i was around 7, alot of great things happened. the one that sticks out the most is what i will talk about today. i went to school one day and had a homemade lunch. i am talking about everything from fruit to gummys. i thought i could get away with eating in the class because i didnt want to wait to eat my gummys. so i sneaked out the pack, and started to munch. since i didnt know anyone because it was around the start of school i didnt think to offer anyone any. then comes this girl who i didnt know who took them from me. now i wasnt one to be bullied but really what could i do?? she took a few then gave them back and i couldnt very well tell the teacher because i wasnt suppose to be eating them to begin with.

what to do what to do?? share them with someone i dont know or tell the teacher and have to throw them away. so i shared. well since this day me and her became best of friends. i mean we were inseparable. i basically lived with her and her family when my family was going through all of its rough times. we spent every birthday together all the way till we were 16, we made homemade talent shows, cooked some interesting concoctions and i think because of her i tried in life. i wanted to be as smart as sweet and as kind as her. she was the first of two who opened the doors to Christ to me.

so come time for high school, we are going our separate ways and we make a promise to be there for each others weddings, children and birthdays. almost 20 years later we have kept this promise for the most part. i have been married but we really didnt have a wedding yet but soon will for our ten year. you know the big to do kind the dress and all. i will invite her to stand next to me the way she had for her wedding. after years of losing contact i got an email asking for me to be her maid of honor. and let me tell you it was an honor. im looking at my dress i wore right now hanging in front of me in my closet. it was a super special night to see someone like her marry to the man of her dreams.

she has been to baby showers/birthdays for my children giving me the chance to meet her oldest son. my lil man my nephew. sweetest baby in the world who at this very second is getting so big. then i heard i was going to be an auntie again. smiles. another lil man. i look forward to meeting him.

i need to make some time to take a drive to go see them. when you have a friendship that has lasted so long, you just dont want to give it up. you may be asking what brought this all up. well i have been having a lot of heart to hearts with close friends. and these two girls that i have them with are like family to me, they are what we now call friends bff's. and usually they start off with me saying, "i know i can trust you with everything and while my bestest best friend is share you are my best friend and i know i can talk to you." People who have never met her know who she is simply by me mentioning her name.

so since recently i have been speaking about her i want to show you all 2 more of my pride and joys. two little boys i am sure will light up your day the way they do mine when ever i see a photo of them.

Dylan & Oliver


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  2. How awesome it is to have a friend like that to grow up with. I had one starting in Fourth Grade. We grew apart after Elementary School....But I recently found her again. We are very different than we used to be. I'm married with a kid, while she's still doing the party thing...but at least we found each other again.

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  3. I have a friend like that too. It is amazing how they impact your life. And as much as life takes us separate ways, I try to maintain it for the sake of all that it represents in my life.

  4. What a great story!!

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