parenting - what i need to change and start doing *update*

so the other day i posted on what i felt my parenting was
and what i needed to change. read it here.

so know to let you guys know how i did and how it went
for the first day. So at least i know im not going crazy and
i know that they really have sucked a few bits of
sanity out of me :). so i sat down and spoke with the older
two and i let them know some things will change. mommy
wont be yelling that much and that there will be a new outlook
on how we run our day to day life.

then our day started. it went well for a while and i
thought wow what a difference. now dont get me wrong
i plan on staying on this new track, but i have to be honest
with my feelings. and yesterday, well i felt like giving up.
around 1 pm i have my oldest running out of the room
saying over and over again that her sister broke the
computer desk. i told her to go back to her room and that
i would be there in a min, i didnt think it was possible and
that she may have been over exaggerating.

then i heard it, "dont tell mommy i am trying to fix.
please dont tell mommy". so i got up and went to go
check. the desk was broken. not just a chip or
something like that, a leg was off and can not be fixed.
but here is where the good part comes in. i kept my cool.
this would have been when they both got a spanking,
yelled at and sent to sleep. not this time. i told them i would
wait till dad got home. that i was very unhappy
with what had happened and i would like for them to
sit on there beds or take a nap till he got home.

they listened, i think still thinking they would get a
pop on the bottom.he got hear and we came to the
agreement that we would take the tv and toys away
till 6pm tonight. that they could listen to worship
music and books on cd.we have stuck with the punishment
and it has been great. they understood what they did
wrong, i dont feel horriable for the punishment and
they have listened.they are all napping, that is right all four.
my sanity is safe for now and i am enjoying the fact that
i am parenting the way i want to , not the way the
frustration wants me to.

look forward to the days that will come in this challenge.


  1. Good luck with your challenge. Being a parent is hard...being a parent to four is stressful to say the least. It's always good to connect with other moms with four kids! New follower.


  2. Amazing! Way to be for not letting frustration rule the day! Thanks for your vulnerability! It's a lesson for us all!

  3. Stopping over from Mommy's Nestwork.

    I struggle with not yelling. A lot! Some days I remember to take a deep breath, some days I don't.

    Mamahood, Among Other Things...

  4. That listening to worship music is a great idea.
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  5. Hi there! Stopping by from Mama's Nestwork!
    Congratulations on sticking to your plan. I am a mom of one so I don't know what's it's like to be a mom to four. I was a nanny this summer so I expanded to three. I guess that would be a GLIMPSE into your world. I'm glad that you figured out your way and pray that you are successful at the small steps you take.

  6. Hey there, great job handling the situation! Found you through Mama's Little Nestwork - now following you via Google & Networked Blogs! Come visit me at http://jinnialow.com

    Have a great day!

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