MIA - a mind clouding moment

so who would of thought that trying to close on a house, getting things ready for the day you will be moving and buying the things that are need would and could over take you. usually i play catch up because i still take photos and i still write things on my ipod on the go. but it really has been one of those times and i havent done any of the above.

but i have missed blogging, really really bad. this is my outlet of funny, sad and upsetting moments. not having it has left me a little flustered.

so what i have been up to. well everything having to do with the house of course, i have started a new bible study with a friend of mine :), and i am taking on the px90 challenge.... oooo fun :( .

so i look forward to getting back on here tonight. i have a plan. i will be following all of my new followers that i am not following yet (that have left comments), read some of my friends post and comment, and maybe look for a few new blogs to follow that are interesting.

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