and so it will start

so it is time to get the house pre-packed. pre-packed you ask ? Pre-packed means having the house ready to be packed when the time is right. i see no reason to pack up my house until we have the keys to our home. in the mean time i want to go through everything and get rid of the clutter. i dont want to take any trash with me. also i want to get the things that could be better used by someone else out of here as well.

so today i will start this 2 weeks long project. each day tackling a new room going through everything. i think the first room will be the kitchen then the master. we will see how it will go.
wish me luck because i know i will need it.


  1. Good luck! I went through that process a few months ago... we currently have our house up for sale, and it made things easier when I have had to clean the house for showings!

  2. it is amazing how much clutter we accumulate. Good Luck in your project. Hold a garage sale with the cleanouts to get something new! Thanks for participating in Fancy Meeting You. Rita from One 2 Try

  3. Packing is such a HUGE job!!

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  5. Good luck! I'm not moving yet still need to go through that decluttering process! Hope you get done what you need to and then get to do something nice for yourself as a reward!

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