wonderful forever - if it could only be longer

so being a mom for me is something i have dreamed for for what seems like forever. now that i am, i am trying to figure out how to do it all. it isnt simply but at the same time it isnt hard. being a parent comes so naturally but i feel at times i take advantage of this blessing i was given. there are those who will tell you it is hard to do the things they need to day to day. that they never have a moment to themselves and they are looking forward to when the children they wanted so badly will be adults. no worries, i am not judging because i say all those things too. while i am sure i want them to have a super sonic growth spurt and become adults, im not sure i want them to stop being my babies.

i am for them. all that i do all that i plan all that i am is for them. its for me to in a way. the things i do is to keep my life sane. with four little ones you can bet there are those moments when i think there is not a thing such as sanity. one of those moments is when the hubs comes home. the door chimes and the kids go running to the gate. "daddy daddy daddy daddy " even the dog barks. it gets loud and stays loud for 30 mins. excitement that he is home and that they will get to play with him is the best moment of the childrens day. this is a sanity sucking moment. one i hope that continues for more then forever.

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  1. Hang onto that memory! I love being a mom, even though as they grow the challenges grow and there are days that I plan the party that will take place after my now 10 year old reaches 18 and I can kick her out of the nest! (Like I would ever do that!)
    It's the fact that they grow and change so fast that gets me. I wish just for a minute that I could catch my breath and enjoy these little blessings while they are still little!
    You're doing a good job. Enjoy the giggles, they turn into screams with door slams and eye rolls sooner than you want!