twilight part three - x 2

Twilight part three {eclipse} from the eyes of a mother/teen age girl from inside.

So i went opening night well afternoon. the theater wasnt that full thank goodness, and i got to watch it with two cool people. every second of the movie i could not decide in my mind which team i was on. i could have sworn that i was a true die hard jacob fan. HOT!! but then i see the passion the eternity between edward and bella, and wow how my mind changes. well until jacob comes back on screen, then i am on his team all the way. we all know i was counting down the days, hours, mins and seconds till the movie came out. once it did i could not hold off to see for anyone. i would have sat there all by myself if needed.

yes im 16 again and happy about lol. with out ruining the movie for anyone i will say just this. the movie had some things that werent in the book and some moments that were. some moments made the movie better then you think it would be. but yet there was nothing i would have change. i think they finally got a hold of how to use the money they have to make these films and how to use the actors they have. if you think you are a for sure die hard fan of which ever side you might just change your mind.

so if you dont believe me know this, i went back one week later. yes yesterday. i seen things i didnt see the first time, fought with myself of which team to be on, fell in love with jacob all over again (my 16 year old self that it) and promised myself i would go see it at least one more time before it hits dvd.

so now it is time to count down the days till the next one. yes i am starting now, lol i know right.

Twilight Breaking Dawn

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