tuesday teachings - a life lesson learned from a child

so me and my hubs got into a little tiffy yesterday. i left him with the kids to go with my dad to the casino, which i can admit has been one to many times since he moved here. my youngest got hurt yesterday and it made me very upset because it could have been avoided. instead of my hubs saying sorry and leaving it at that, he wanted to point out that it could happen with me and has once or twice. then yelled a little bit. i yelled back and well it went on for a little bit. we dont really get into that much and it was kind of surprising that we got into it in front of the kids.

april stepped in and basically said mom & dad, god doesnt like it when we yell because he has super hearing and its to loud for him. it isnt nice to fight and cause upset. i think we would be better off if you both didnt. cant we just stop.

a lesson taught by my child in a time i really needed to hear it. im learning that i let to much get to me to easily and really if i didnt hear what i felt i should have from him i could have just walked away. the apology would have came later. i have to learn things dont always go the way i want them to and i will have to get use to it. that talking like adults is just that being adults and knowing when to stop and how to be nice.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how much we can learn from our children!? I've enjoyed peeking around your blog!!