tuesday teachings - knowing a still have a little room to grow

so i took my dad to the dmv today. we woke up a little late. and got there right as it opened. the line was already a hour long wait to just get a number. as my dad waited in line i wanted to double check that we had everything we needed to get in and out as fast as we could. i walked up to a lady who wasnt doing any thing and asked her if she wouldnt mind answering two questions. she said go for it and i did. i asked her what my father would need to get his id, she said we had to wait in line to find out if we had everything. so i asked my second one and she had the same answer. so i let my dad know he would just have to wait in line. i seen someone else helping others with questions and asked her she said we would be fine.

come an hour later, we are sent to our window to get our number and guess who we got? the first woman that i spoke to. she wasnt having a nice day so i made a joke and she lightened up. big surprise though. we didnt have everything. so off we went to go get all that we were missing and back to the dmv we drove. we returned got our number and waited another hour or so. we get up to the window and this is were it started to go downhill.

she was rude and unkind, she didnt have any respect for my father and kept giving dirty looks to my children and myself. i looked at my father and seen how he just kept smiling. how he kept being sweet and kind. how he just continued to not let her get to him. all while i was getting upset and frustrated with her. i ended up talking to two managers but was left thinking my dad walked away from this with a better ending to the start of his day.

kindness goes a long way even if the person you are being kind to has no idea of the meaning. it does pay to be kind to them.


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