tuesday teachings - im a mom who needs to realize

while i know i am a good parent and i do a darn good job at it, i was taught something. something by someone that you wouldnt think a regular mom would learn from. a stranger. over the past few weeks since my dad has been here we have been out and about a lot. we recently went to go buy new strollers for the babies. it seemed that everyone in the store was not helpful, unkind and simply rude. we walked out to go to another store. the next store we walked into we took the whole family in. i gave my children the speech. the be good or else.

i guess as the parent of the children we dont see how good they are. we are always so busy making sure they are being well behaved and good listeners that we dont take the time to step back and let them show us what we have taught them. well this day i had no choice. there were a few other children in the store running around pulling things off the shelves and being loud. parents no where to be found and it getting out of hand fast.

i said to my self in my mommy head,"thank goodness that these arent my children, i am so happy mine listen" then my father out loud said to me, " see your kids are being good, see"
then the mother to the children who werent being so good showed up and told them to listen by saying this," see those children how well they are listening and how they are with they're mommy? well that is how i would like for you to be."

that was a moment that i dont get to often and each time i do i realize i need to step back and be thankful for my children and how well they listen.


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