toy gone wrong - i knew this would happen

so April got a big bag of gifts from one of her school mates filled with toys. i think he had a little crush on her because he went crazy with the buying. some of the toys april wanted but i wouldnt buy them and some she knew her friends had and wanted them because of that. this little boy though got everything that was on her mental list.

so where is this going you ask well it is going here. one of the toys is this one.

a zuzu pet right. well right under it is my daughters hair. my almost 5 year old got a hold of this toy and how, well i have no clue. we keep it up on the bookshelf where they couldnt reach because after reading the warning lables, we felt if we were going to keep it then it would have to be put up. to play with it there was rules. it couldnt be when the babies were awake and it had to be in a room with a parent. all for a little toy you must be thinking. well not only did it take a chunk of hair it pinches you too. so hello trash can you have a new visitor. april wants to cry but im not trying to have patches of hair missing from my children's heads.

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