Timing is everything - we will see

timing … wow
it feels like it has taken forever to get a home of our own. With a million and one things to do in life already, I guess I wasn't ready for what buying a house would add on to that. I'm ready to be done and I'm ready to move in. It seems like it is getting closer to us closing on the house. It looks like this time around there won't be any last second problems. Whew!!

What perfect toning though really. I'm sure now I know how to keep a clutter free home and I'm sure now I will keep up on laundry {but why start now right} and put it away. I am looking forward to having a home. While this where we are now is our home, I'm looking forward to our HOME.

It wasn't time before. As sad as I was when the first house fell threw. But like everyone said, everything is for a reason.

Timing is everything!!!!!!

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