thoughtful thursday - simply being loved

so i am not a sleeper as you can tell if you look at some of the times on my post. i love to read and watch a few shows and some times that carries into the wee hours of the morning. well last night was one of those nights. i wanted to read my first book for one of my july goals and i wanted to watch some TCM (classic movies) last night. so come 3:00am, 30 mins before my hubs has to wake to go to work. he feels me moving not comfty nor sleep not wanting to rest my head. so he gets up, lays me down grabs my blanket and lays with me. just some old fashion cuddles... a loving kiss and tight hold and yes i was out. he laid with me till i fell asleep and was dreaming loving thoughts. i just thought that it was so thoughtful of him to take from his sleep to get me to have some of my own. it was a loving moment, the kind we dont always get to share, and i look forward to having more of them.

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