sunday love - a moment of realization

at church today i had a moment of realization. my four children were getting dropped of to their classrooms and my two youngest just wasnt going to have it today. so i went in trying to calm them and spend a little time with them. they still werent having it. so i took them in with me. here is the moment of realization. my father looks over at me and says,"there is a reason for god wanting them in here with you today. dont question him." and then in the message it talked about TNT faith, forgiveness and dreams. to know that god will never steer you wrong to just listen. how funny that they both had the same thing to say to me. it was a moment of realization that i needed to get back to trusting in HIM.

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  1. This is a beautiful reminder, thanks. And I can't believed I missed out on free slurpees. My kids would never forgive me.