sunday love - church

so church hasnt been going as simple as it had the first day back. i kind of think it might just be easier to stay home really. but i truly have enjoyed going and hearing the messages. i find it comforting really. i like the fellowship and i love the fact that i am learning something.

the first week back the kids (babies) were happy go lucky to go in and play with the other children. come the second week back they threw a fit and we thought it was due to nap time. then comes today again they threw a fit and a no go with them staying. i know it isnt the people that are watching them because i know one of them personally. i know that she is a sweet heart and doesnt even raise her voice. so i have no worries there. there is a reason for it and i dont know what it is yet. so the children so far have been sitting in our church with us. now it is not as enjoyable. i cant worship with my hubs or father because the music is to loud. the sit pretty well during the message but for the most part one of us has to step out.

so i will have a talk with my hubs. see what he feels about it. most likely i will still go but we will figure out a way we can both enjoy church the same in our own ways. i look forward to my sundays and i would love to keep it that way.

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