sunday love - back to church we go

so this time it wasnt that hard. we dropped the kids off and believe it or not tati didnt throw a fit. every time she went she would cry for 10 mins then be fine. well today it was cristofers first time and i think that helped tati. she had her brother there and got to play with him. no tears no yelling and she was super happy when i check in on her and grabbed a shot of them playing.

it was nice to get back and see everyone. a few things changed and a few new people where there. but for the most part it was beyond enjoyable and i felt so welcomed. a lot of my old friends where there to great me and were surprised to see me. it had been almost a year since i had been. in our family i am the one who takes the steps to go to church. if i say not this week it is easily given up on by everyone but my oldest. why i didnt listen to her earlier is beyond me but i am just happy we went back. the message was just simply beautiful !

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