Soccer mom - unbelievable

Soccer mom, who would have thought?? But I am. I really really am. As I sit here watching my daughter practicing, making friends on her own and learning tricks I didn't think he capabile of I am flaber-gasted.

I'm her mom and she's that baby I made. Wow. I remember holding her and seeing her little feet and hands. Thinking about this creation that was given to me. The blessings that come along with parenting and the heart breaks of when they get older. Sometimes I think it's all to much for her. She my baby you know. Then I look at her and o have no clue of what will come next.

Who would have thought my little one would be hitting the ball with her head taking blocks and stopping people from scoring?? Who would have thought! I am proud what she gas accomplished so far knowing she will accomplish so much more. I can't take any credit for it but I would live to believe I'm part reason for her athletic gene.

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  1. :D What fun! LOL! I remember playing soccer for a few seasons, but I'm not athletic at all. Ds has played and loved it! Coming by via iFellowship! :D