reading then realizing -who woulda thought

i found that losing our voice is so very true after reading one of my friends post on her blog, "i am blessed". i started blogging years ago when i wanted to find other moms and be cool like them. then i fell in love with it. i found that it was a little better then writing in my journal because maybe just maybe some one would catch what you had to say. that maybe someone other then yourself would see the words that spilled out you feelings. so after i seen my friend put this out there all in its full truth, i have come to realize even more why it is so important to take a few mins out of each day for my self. why its important to get out my thoughts and in hopes of having someone understand me a little more being a 100% truthful. with out judgment (for the most part) you can let it all go and i hope for my readers, my friends and yours we remember this.

finding joy in vegas

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