a passion of mine - but why

books. something i enjoy so much for as long as i can remember. i can remember back to the age of 10 or so when we went on a big family cross country trip. i can remember not liking the fact that all the adults got to sleep inside hotels {with the dogs too} and my brother and i having to sleep in the camper. i remember taking 10 hour naps on this trip. those naps being taken in between books. i remember being able to go to disney land after my grandfather drove around it ten times before we caught on and he pulled in. on this trip i didnt get to take much with me. we got to take a over night bag of clothes and two toys. instead of toys i took a book. it had four stories in it. i read it like four times over the trip and napped the rest of the time. i wasnt much for site seeing and would always wake to my family coming back from what ever they went to go look at. back then it wasnt an issue to leave your child in a locked camper. we stopped by a few family homes on the way through all the states and one of them is where i hit the jackpot.

my great aunt had a room just of books. and when she asked me hyow i liked the trip and what i have done, i answered her honestly. i said ,"i dont really like the trip because i couldnt bring my books. i have read the same book a few times already and i just want to go home now." so she shook her head and i was sure i was in for it. she then asked for me to follow her down the hall, we went in to a room{one of those rooms your not aloud in} and i kid you not every wall was filled with books.

she said i could pick and keep any five that drew my interest. to say the least she became my favorite aunt. i was able to take the five books i liked and read them the rest of my trip. one of them being my first bible which i still have till this day. what was really great about this was i got to read books that i dont think i would have ever at that age gotten for my self at a store. i was able to read stories like, gone with the wind. i loved books before this. i loved being able to imagine being the characters in the fun kids books i would read. but once i read these books that i picked out from my great aunt, my love for reading became more.

my love for books became a passion. one i hope to pass along to my children. i now go away on vacation with each book that i open. i become a character of this book, i become what ever the writer is writing about. i can sit a start reading a book and be done before the sun goes out on the day. i find that this passion i have for reading is a great one to have. i look forward to the many new adventures i will go on with the new books i will be reading this July. i look forward to the new characters i will play.

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